13 Deaf Girls Give Ed Sheeran’s Hit Unique Touch And It’s Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Ed Sheeran is a huge star now and his songs are being covered by countless artists from all over the world. You have probably seen lots of them, but this is something completely different and hauntingly beautiful.

13 girls between ages of 13 and 39 auditioned on Ireland’s Got Talent. Group called The Deaftones managed to evoke some powerful emotions as all the members but two of them are deaf. These girls presented themselves with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”, where two of them sang while the others lip-synched and signed the lyrics.

The judges were completely blown away with their performance. It’s incredible to see how deaf girls sense the music and words through a combination of vibrations and lip reading. They were absolutely amazing and deservedly earned standing ovation from the audience as well as judges.

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