Clever Dolphin Starts Swimming Around In Circle, You Will Never Guess What He Is Up To

We all know dolphins are intelligent but it seems we are yet to reveal just how much. They are well-known in aquatic shows for their ability learn complex tricks and to perform amazing acrobat feats. Dolphins are among the most playful of all in the animal world and they say that the greatest expression of intelligence is play.

Dolphin you are about to see on this video and some of his friends seem to be goofing around. They are flapping their tales against the bottom of a sea bed and are swimming in circles. Many would say they are just playing, but there is a clever plan behind this unusual behavior. These guys are in fact fishing!

They have learned how to create a homemade fishing net and it’s working like a charm. After dolphins finish their work, they lay down and the poor fish literally jump into their mouth. It’s completely amazing and I am watching in awe! Check out the video and SHARE if you feel the same.


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