Driver Is Stuck In A Tight Parking Spot, Pulls Off A ‘Magical’ Stunt To Get Out

You have probably experienced this at least once in your lifetime. You think you found a perfect parking space, and go run your errands, only to return and see that your car is blocked. This usually means that getting out of it is going to take forever, or it won`t work at all. Well, finally here is something that will make parallel parking sooo much easier!

Some driver in Brazil discovered a feature that is simply magical, at least from ours point of view. He is trying to get out of a tight parking spot, and just when you think it’s impossible, camera captures something incredible. Car started moving sideways, and within seconds he is clear to move.

Now, tell me is this some kind of witchcraft, or should this feature be installed on all modern cars? I am sure about one thing, I like it. Check out the video and tell us what you think about it.


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