Grandpa Takes His 2 Little Girls For A Walk. Now Everyone Wants To See Their Dance Party

Every child loves going to grandma and grandpa’s house. They are the ‘cool’ adults, and they will always say yes, unlike Mom and Dad. They have the best stories, love to play hide and seek, and are always prepared for a party. Grandparents have a special place in every kid’s heart, simply because of all the good times they spent together. This video is exactly what I am talking about…

Prepare to meet one totally awesome Grandpa who wont let anything break his spirit. Seemingly ordinary stroll through the city with his 2 special little girls unexpectedly turned into a viral party! They wanted to dance and he was not going to stand to the side and watch them. I don’t think he expected to let loose in the middle of town, but as we sad before, grandparents can’t say no.

The result is just amazing and it’s taking the internet by storm. This grandpa has some killer moves, and the apples did not fell far away from the tree. Check out the video and tell us how you like it. Don’t forget to SHARE!


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