This Gynecologist Has A Strange Way Of Welcoming Babies Into The World, And It’s Leaving Everyone In Tears

Gynecologists have an extremely responsible, but at the same time, amazing job of welcoming babies into this world. Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja is a respected obstetrician gynecologist with years of experience. He has delivered thousand of little ones, but they way he does it, is melting everyone`s heart. Each one of those darlings is embraced with a big smile and a special song.

They call him the singing doctor, and the reason why is his singing to the babies he delivers. Dr. Jaja has been practicing this routine since he was a young resident doctor and earned his reputation. From “Happy Birthday,” to “It’s a Wonderful World,” seems like babies have nothing against and Moms and Dads are loving it.

For this wonderful man, babies aren’t just babies, they are future world leaders, Olympic athletes and scientists. We can only wish there are more people like him. Watch his story and SHARE with everyone you know.


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