Horse Recognizes Old Friends After Years Apart, Their Reunion Is Leaving Everyone In Tears

William, Arthur and Harry grew up together on an English farm in the 2000s. 3 horses formed an incredible bond and became true best friends. Their owner, Sue Blagburn, was immensely proud of her ‘Three Musketeers’, but unfortunately circumstances changed. In 2008, she had to sell Arthur, and sadly their bond was broken…

Arthur spent the next 4 years as a racing horse until Sue re-purchased him. He was on a way home, and soon he would be back together with his old friends. Blagburn was pretty sure they would recognize each other, but she had no idea if things would be the same. She never could have imagined how emotional their reunion is going to be.

The moment Arthur enters the pasture, Harry trots up to him and bends his head like they are hugging. When William joins them seconds later, the reunion is complete and a joyful celebration starts. It’s amazing how much love they have for each other, and the video is melting hearts all over the world.

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