50 Moms Join Their Kids With Down Syndrome For A Carpool Karaoke Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Singing in the car is so commonplace for millions of people. We all do it, and I am sure we can all agree, it’s a great way to cut the time behind the wheel. If you let loose a little bit more and turn on the camera then the fun gets even greater. Lip syncing to your favorite song has become an extremely popular thing, but I bet you have never seen a carpool karaoke like this one.

50 Moms of kids with Down syndrome created a video for World Down Syndrome Day which has become an internet sensation. Just like in carpool karaoke they sat with their children in the front seat and sang an incredibly moving song. Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” fitted in perfectly and the result is bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.

These dedicated women just wanted to show the world how ordinary, yet amazing, their four- and five-year-old children are. I think we can all agree they did an amazing job. Check it out and SHARE this beautiful video.


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