Terrified People Are Paying Others To Drive Them Over The Scariest Bridge In The US

Everyone has fears, and being afraid is quite a normal experience that can even help you stay alive. It’s perfectly normal to avoid dangerous animals or situations, but what about being afraid of a bridge? Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland is 200-foot high, 4.3-mile long and for many people it is – The Scariest Bridge in The US!

For a lot of motorists crossing this bridge is simply out of the question. Driving across it, it feels rather narrow and high winds can be incredibly dangerous. During windy days, the bridge actually closes for precaution. Yes, many find it frightening, but at the same time, the bridge is their only way to work. This situation has opened a door for one unusual business, and it’s blooming.

For $25, you can be driven over the bridge and lower you fears. The driver will even chat with you about all sorts of stuff to keep you minds off the bridge. So, is it really working? Press the play button and see for yourself. Tell us what you think about it in the comments.


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