Skating Duo Take On ‘Impossible’ Routine, Within Seconds Leave The Audience Gasping For More

John and Sinead are brother and sister, but they are also Olympic-class ice skaters. These siblings make an amazing duo and posses skills that most of their colleagues can only dream off. They’re known for their freestyle dancing, but what makes them so amazing is their ability to entertain the crowd.

During the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, the pair performed a routine most wouldn’t dare to take on. Being Scottish, as they are, they decided for a choreography which you don’t get to see often. They were both wearing skirts, only John’s was a traditional kilt. Once they started their performance, it was absolutely stunning!

The audience was watching in awe as they skated across the ice gracefully. You can imagine, they were completely mesmerized and so were the judges. Watch the video to see how they rewarded the pair, and tell us how you like it. Don’t forget to SHARE.


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