There Is A South African Version Of The Sound Of Silence And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

It’s been more than half a century since Simon & Garfunkel released “Exciting new sounds in the folk tradition”. The acoustic album was sold in only 2,000 copies, but on it there was a song that will make a huge mark in music history. “The Sound of Silence” catapulted the duo’s career, and became one of the most beloved songs ever.

Since it’s remix with electric instruments, the song shot up the charts. Years have passed and more then 60 covers followed including the one by the band “Disturbed”. They certainly gave the song a modern sound, but now we have something maybe even more interesting…

The acclaimed duo Touch of Class managed to give ‘The Sound of Silence’ a unique touch never heard before. You can still feel the emotion of the original hit, but with a passion that you are going to love. Definitely one of the best versions of this song. Check it out and tell us how you like it.


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